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With some of Kwazulu-Natals most unspoilt beaches and great waves, Bazley is top choice for all beach enthusiasts. With a wide range of beaches nearby there is a place for everything including surfing, swimming, diving, sun tanning and much more.

Bazley Beach

The beach at Bazley has not changed much in 32 years – it is still miles of unspoilt perfection. The park is only 90m away from Bazley main beach and with a wide and generally flat landscape this beach is perfect for all beach activities. This is where all  our beach based entertainment takes place. We have lifeguards on duty during the holiday season. There are public toilets and braai facilities just off the beach entrance for your convenience. We also have flood lights that come on at night until 11pm.

Granny’s pool is about 150 metres north of the entrance – so named for obvious reasons! This can be a lovely place to swim.

When fishing is good, it is always better at Bazley!

Please bear in mind that the sea is unpredictable and to exercise extreme caution even when near the shore break.

Ndesingaan aka Tes

Ndesingaan is an access controlled beach 3kms from the park. Due to the bay shape of the beach, this beach is great for both swimming and surfing. Permits for the beach can be collected from security at our main gate or you can hop onto the Tes Truck that goes down everyday during the holiday seasons. Tes is commonly referred to as one of the best beaches in KZN by our guests. There is a security guard there throughout the day. There are braai facilities both in the parking and on the beach. There are bins available for everyone to use and we encourage people to leave the beach as beautiful as they found it.